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Kivicare Medical Services

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Our Services

At Sena's Wellness, our somatic therapy services focus on healing through body awareness and physical techniques. We use evidence-based practices to help clients process emotions and trauma stored in the body, promoting overall well-being and emotional regulation.

At Sena's Wellness, our group services provide a supportive environment for sharing experiences, building connections, and fostering mutual support in a guided therapeutic setting.

At Sena's Wellness, our somatic services use body awareness and physical techniques to help clients process emotions, release tension, and heal from trauma.

We use evidence-based techniques to help children process and heal from traumatic experiences, incorporating body awareness and grounding exercises to support emotional regulation and resilience.

Utilizing evidence-based therapies like Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and enhance emotional intimacy.

At Sena's Wellness, our anxiety services include evidence-based therapies, mindfulness practices, and holistic approaches to help you manage and reduce anxiety effectively


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Welcome to the world’s first IVF Treatment

Kivicare IVF Fertility specializes in various types of medical services. These services are categorized as follows:

  • Time saving
  • Use donated eggs/serms
  • Control over timing
  • Chance of healthy baby
  • Decrease chance of miscarriage
  • Increase conception chance
Age factor
Fertility clinic
Lifestyle factor

What Our
Patients Says


“You can’t go wrong here. I receive the best care and attention. The nursing staff and doctors are amazing and take their time with you. I felt better walking out here every time.”

Moric Horgon

“Still very professional but a much more relaxed atmosphere. This makes for a more comfortable experience which is helpful in dealing with medical issues.”

Julia Roberts

“It has been very effective, in my opinion. It has made everyone more relaxed in a very comfortable atmosphere, staff and patients included. We have always felt like family here, even more so now.”

Jack leo